About Us

Patorno Pelleterie is present in the Italian market thanks to the sector specialists of 5 generations.

It was Salvatore Patorno who began this long story at the end of the 19th century in Palermo as a dealer of raw hides; in the early 900' his son Onofrio Patorno started in the leather tanning sector. Moreover, they acquired the professionally to become suppliers of (scuderia) of the Royal House of Savoy in the '30s and received a certificate of merit from the King Vittorio Emanuele.

Furthermore, the prestigious company of Palermo was a supplier for the biggest Italian shoes and leather factories of the time. Only after the war the father Vincenzo, with his wife, decided to start his own production of bags while staying for a few more years in the leather tanning business.

Later, the business was focused on the wholesale trade of bags in the historical shop (location) in Via Alessandro Paternostro in the beautiful old town of Palermo (1954-2000). To this huge experience and wisdom of the parents in the 90s the current owner added the enterprising initiative and creativity, which being sensitive to ongoing customer requests led to the innovation in the various sectors of the leather goods, becoming a leader company in the wholesale market, creating its current location with an elegant showroom in Palermo.

Patorno Pelletterie gives the possibility for the customers to see a wide range of branded products thanks to more than 1,000 square meters showroom, thus making it a reference point when talking about wholesale leather goods in Italy.

In 2012, the current manager of the web department, Vincenzo, began to enter this world by launching the first e-commerce site online, quickly becoming a leader in the European market. Today Patornopelletterie.com is a reality, daughter of our history.


A guideline applied for over 120 years! TRANSPARENCY, FAIRNESS and PASSION FOR DETAILS, this is what distinguishes us.